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Hood Skinz

The solution to your squeaky hood!

Finally an accessory made specially for your truck that eliminates the squeak so you can enjoy peace and quiet in your your cab

used by the top working show trucks in the world

Big Daddy


High Maintenance


Purple Storm

Low Life

Made by a trucker, for a trucker

Founded by a 20-year veteran truck driver, Joel West.

✓Hand Crafted in the USA
✓Solution to your squeaky hood

✓Proprietary Patent Pending design that increases durability and sound dampening
✓Made for your Peterbilt Truck

✓Available in 8 colors
✓Works instantly: Stretch em on….the squeak is gone!!!

Joel West here!

It all started in the gas hills of Southeast Wyoming. 15, 16 hours a day, sometimes 18 hours or even more. 6 and often 7 days a week chasing those loads of crude oil and always taking immaculate care of my most valued possession, my beloved 2016 Peterbilt 389 Glider!

My buddies and I were all greasers, which is to say, we used grease on our hood supports to stop the dreaded and ever pervasive hood squeak.

Joel West
Owner, Hood Skinz
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45 Day Warranty

For Peterbilt Hood Skinz only. If your upper hood supports squeak within 45 days of proper installation we will replace them with a pair of our Heavy Duty Hood Skinz at no cost to you. Simply send us an email with a date stamped photo from the day you installed the Hood Skinz along with a brief description of the issue you are having and when it started and we will replace them with HD Skinz free of charge.

So join the thousands of satisfied professionals who always knew there was a better way to stop that horrible hood squeak.

Hood Skinz are a wear item. 3 to 4 pairs of Hood Skinz will cover most trucks for a year or longer. When you compare the minimal cost of 4 pairs of Hood Skinz per year to the huge costs of fire damage that can result from a sock or rag falling on a turbo, or even just the extra cost at the truck wash to keep the grease out of your harnesses and off your firewall, it's easy to see the value of a custom fit accessory that was made just for your truck!!!

Save big when you buy 4 or more pairs. Put a couple in your glove box or stock up for your entire fleet.

4 pairs for $99.98 or 20% off on 10 or more pairs. However you fly, Hood Skinz has ya covered. Hood Skinz, the squeak stops here!!!"

Hood Skinz is the solution to your squeaky hood


Cost to replace Cat Motor destroyed by fire from a dirty sock.


Cost to replace turbo, wiring harnesses and hoses destroyed by fire from a dirty sock.

$200 / Year

Cost to have truck wash clean grease off of firewall and harnesses.

Cost of three pairs of Hoodskinz for one year $89.97

  • Hand Crafted in the USA

  • Solution to your squeaky hood

  • Proprietary Patent Pending design that increases durability and sound dampening

  • Made for your Peterbilt Truck

  • Available in 8 Colors

  • Works instantly: Stretch em on…..the squeak is gone.

  • 45 day warranty