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About Hood Skinz

The Truck Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

What Are Hood Skinz?

Hood Skinz are created to solve one simple problem: stop the hood of your truck from squeaking. We all hate squeaky hoods, and now there is a quality accessory that will stop the squeak while looking great inside your engine compartment! There is no need to keep using grease, silicone, vaseline, soap, gloves, shop rags, old socks, new socks, micro fibers or any of the other shade of tree fixes. Those "fixes" look horrible on your beautiful truck, make an ugly mess, and usually don't last more than a couple of days. Think about it, "Socks are made for feet...but Hood Skinz are made for your Pete!!!"

These Peterbilt upper hood support sleeves are designed to easily stretch over the bumpers on the upper hood supports of your truck, creating a low friction barrier between the hood support bumpers and hood support receptacles and eliminating that annoying hood squeak. Hood Skinz are hand crafted in the USA to fit the upper hood supports of your Peterbilt 365, 367, 378, 379, 384, 386, 388 and 389 models. Just stretch em on and the squeak is gone!

If you are sick and tired of listening to your hood squeak as you are trucking on the open road, sick and tired of all the sub par and amateur solutions, and are ready for an accessory actually made for your truck, then give Hood Skinz a try today! Say goodbye to hood squeak and start to enjoy the sound of that horsepower purr.

Hood Skinz Features

Hood Skinz are handmade and constructed from a high quality, durable material that last 25k to 30k miles in most applications and on most Peterbilt trucks. They stretch and fit perfectly over the upper hood support bumpers, finally giving you the peace and quiet inside the cab that you deserve! While Hood Skinz are a very simple accessory, they have many features that make them a unique and great product for your Peterbilt truck.

Hood Skinz Features Include:

  • Sewn in a proprietary manner (patent pending) that increases durability and sound dampening
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Fits and stretches perfectly over the upper hood support bumpers
  • Quality hand crafted in the USA specifically for your Peterbilt truck

These upper hood support covers are sure to become one of your favorite truck accessories. Once the squeak is gone you can begin to enjoy the peace and quiet in your cab that you always dreamed of as you make your way up and down the big road!

Benefits of Hood Skinz

Whether you drive a Peterbilt model 365, 367, 378, 379, 384, 386, 388, or 389 the loud hood squeak inside your cab can be a dangerous distraction. This simple truck accessory can help rid your cab of that annoying and incessant squeak in no time and minimal effort. It really is as simple as this: "Stretch em on...the squeak is gone!!"

While stopping hood squeak is the purpose and reason for Hood Skinz, there are other benefits from their use. They add a layer of protection to your hood support bumpers lengthening the life of the bumpers themselves and protecting them from scuffing and cutting due to misaligned hood guides and other factors in a drivers work day. They also look great, and add a touch of class to your engine compartment.

While the squeak of your hood may seem like a small problem, we all hate it, and it can be a dangerous distraction inside your cab. The squeak could be preventing you from hearing valve train sounds and other audio cues that can help you recognize that your truck may be approaching some sort of mechanical or catastrophic failure. Adding Hood Skinz to your hood support bumpers will stop your hood squeak and enhance your entire professional driving experience.

As the owner of any size fleet, an owner-operator, or a professional driver, you picked your truck so you can have the most enjoyable experience. You know you are going to spend a lot of time putting the miles behind you in that truck. Adding Hood Skinz to your upper hood support bumpers will eliminate the hood squeak, giving you a more excellent and enjoyable ride mile after mile. Be sure to order your Hood Skinz today so you can start to enjoy that more excellent and quiet ride tomorrow!