Kenworth Hood Skinz

$34.99 available on subscription

The new Hood Skinz for Kenworth trucks is now available! Our low-friction sleeve is handcrafted in the USA so put on a pair of Hood Skinz and start listening to the really important sounds in your cab, like that horsepower purr.

Hood Skinz: “Stretch em on, the squeak is gone!!”


Best Practices

It is our greatest wish that our valued customers get the most use from every pair of Hood Skinz. Please follow these best practices to get the most miles from yours:

1: Inspect the rubber bumpers on your hood supports. If they are worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged, we highly recommend you replace them before installing Hood Skinz.

2: Inspect the receptacles on the inside of your hood to make sure they are free of burrs or sharp edges. If you find burrs or sharp edges, sand them smooth with fine grit sandpaper.

3: After inspection, thoroughly clean the hood supports and receptacles of all grease, dirt and residue, preferably with high pressure. Dry surfaces thoroughly, stretch Hood Skinz over the bumpers, and enjoy the peace and quiet in your cab that you've always wanted.

NOTE: Do not use grease or other lubricants as they will degrade the material and cause premature failure.

Thank you,
Your Hood Skinz Team

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 0.2 in