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4 Reasons to Drive a Peterbilt

To be honest, there are a few million reasons to drive a Peterbilt, but we figured it was best to focus on four of the best. If you’re looking for a fifth reason, Hood Skinz are it — they turn your squeaky hood into a silent one for an even more comfortable, enjoyable ride.

Because It’s a Freaking Peterbilt!

When you think trucks, you probably think Peterbilt. And for good reason — Since 1939, Peterbilt has been a trusted name that has stood for longevity, dependability, and class. The image that most people have in their heads when they think of long-haul trucks are of a Peterbilt, so it just makes sense to continue that legacy!

Peterbilts Have the Only Truly Flat Extended Hood

While a lot of other truck companies have gone out of their way to do something different, Peterbilt Model 389s still have the stylish flat extended hoods that they have long been known for. But don’t let the classic styling fool you, they’re loaded with the latest technology, including efficient, powerful engines and unmatched navigation systems.

Low Air Leaf Suspension For a Great Ride

Just because you’re spending many hours a day on the road doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you’ve been put through a rock tumbler. The low air-leaf suspension of Peterbilt trucks makes any ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. There’s nothing like low air-leaf suspension, so if you want to make good time without punishing your body, a Peterbilt will make it possible.

Peterbilts Offer True Flat-Top Sleeper Configurations

Another excellent design feature of certain Peterbilt configurations is the true flat-top sleeper. Not only do they look great, they also give you plenty of room to rest when it’s time to call it a day. With multiple options for shelving, lighting, and storage, there’s a way to truly make your Peterbilt your home away from home.

If there is one complaint to be made about a Peterbilt, it is the squeak that can come from their hood supports. Instead of getting used to that sound, there’s an easy way to get rid of it without expensive modifications or driving another kind of truck — Hood Skinz! Our hood support sleeves are an extremely effective and extremely affordable truck accessory that makes your ride as quiet as it is comfortable (as long as you’re in a Peterbilt, that is).