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4 Ways To Discover What Peterbilt Model You Drive

Peterbilt trucks are some of the most high-quality and popular trucks one the road today. The classic design, high-quality features, and overall efficiency make these trucks one of the best options out there. With such a wide variety of models, it may be difficult to know which model you drive. We are going to give you a quick guide to highlight some of the main differences to look for.

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Air Cleaners

The air cleaners on Peterbilt trucks can be an obvious giveaway for what model truck it is. Models like that 359 have an external air cleaner pipe, while most others have them on the inside of the hood. While some people try to make clones and add an external air cleaner pipe to disguise it as a different model, this will be a good indicator of what model you have.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers are another small feature that are different on different models. Models like the 379 have windshield wipers that come to rest at the bottom of the windshield, while other models have the windshield wipers go up and meet at the center pillar.

Tow Hooks

The tow hooks on Peterbilt trucks can differ from model to model. While some models, including the 359, have two tow hooks on either side of the front bumper, under the grill, other models have a single tow hook underneath the license plate holder. The 379 is a Peterbilt model that has a tow hook underneath the license plate holder.


The hoods in different models will have different styles as well. Some models have slanted hoods, which increase visibility, while others have flat hoods. In models like the 359, the centerline on the hood is much wider and ribbed when compared to models like the 379 or 389. On these models, the centerline is a single peak and much more narrow. Because of the larger centerline of models like the 359, they have a more stable hood which reduces hood bouncing. Hood bouncing can lead to that annoying squeak that every truck driver knows too well.

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We hoped this helped you learn a bit more about the different Peterbilt models and some of the differences that set them apart. Our hood support covers are designed for Peterbilt 365, 367, 378, 379, 384, 386, 388, and 389 models.